Another Gift-Giving Question of the Day

How do you decide which friends get gifts, which friends get cards, and which friends get that Bath and Body Works sack of hand lotion that you have stashed away to regift to someone?

How Do You Handle ATM Fees?

A $4.50 fee per transaction? That’s usury.

The Cost of Hanukkah: Almost Nothing

The cheapest, easiest holiday of the year is now officially over. Here’s what it cost me.

Billfold Book Review: ‘How to Start Your Very First Business’

Still looking for that last-minute holiday gift for a child aged 9-12? I recently received a review copy of How to Start Your Very First Business, the newest book in the Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club series.

The Final Word On Who Pays For Birthday Dinners

“A guest can’t volunteer all of the guests to pay for the host/honoree.”

How a Teacher in Tennessee Does Money

I am trying to find the balance between splurging and really needing to replace long-worn out items. Where is it?

Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! Let’s check in.

How We Handle Change: A Friday Chat

Before starting any endeavor, I get very worked up about everything that could go wrong and everything I could do wrong, and then I try to remember the advice my older brother gave me when I was about to start my very first grown-up job: “Wear deodorant.”

The Functionality of Gift Guides, From Cheap-o To Cadillac

“A thousand bucks for a bar cart. How could I possibly need this unless I live in the coach section of an airplane?

What Are You Getting Your Office Secret Santa This Year?

Check out Fast Company’s newest comedy sketch featuring the terrible gifts we are likely to receive from our Office Secret Santas this year. (It is very, very familiar.)