Don’t Ever Be a Freelancer

Freelancer’s Union is pushing the Freelancers Payment Protection Act, which if passed, would give freelancers in New York State some recourse when clients don’t pay. To advertise how widespread the problem is, they’re compiling the World’s Longest Invoice by inviting freelancers to add their own lines of non-payment. Their total amount of unpaid fees is already $5 million, but that figure includes a $499,999 unpaid fee for a “pretending to be a horse” and a $311 entry for “this is so lame-go get a lawyer you whiny little pussies,” so it’s somewhat suspect.

Much of the list, however, is within the realm of plausibility, and it’s fun to see what people (don’t) get paid for various gigs. Check this sampling of the variety of fees for logo design:

Andrew M., Logo Design, $300
Josh B., Logo Design, $500
Kristin B., Logo Design, $200
Jeremy, Logo Design, $500
Tom K., Logo design, $250
Rachel L., Logo design, $150
William, Logo Design, $250
Dario C., Logo Design, $650
Grace N., Logo design, $100.00

Grace N. and Rachel L., ask for more money. Dario C., good work. Way to negotiate.



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