Expensive Dog Surgery Worth It, Say People Who Have Paid For Expensive Dog Surgery, Ridiculous, Say People Who Opted Not To Pay For Expensive Dog Surgery


Treatment costs disclosed in this article about advances in veterinary medicine:
$25,000: Lymphoma treatment for a Chow
$10,000: Three courses of radiation and other treatments on an inoperable brain tumor for a Maltese-poodle mix

How Nicole Cliffe decided whether or not to get brain surgery for her dog, Denali:
“My husband and I sat around, and tried to figure out what we would want, if we were Denali, and we decided we’d want more time, and we did the surgery. We could afford it, we did it, he lived, we’ve always been very happy we did it.”

How my family dealt with getting a doggy cardiologist and five million medications for our aging pooch:
With a promise that we’d never do it, and then with a Visa handed to the receptionist many, many times (for the points, my parents had the money).

How my family dealt with, on my dog’s last night, after looking at scans of a huge heart wrecked by heart disease, the suggestion by the vet that, at this point, a heart transplant was the only option for our 14-year-old dog:
Bwahahahaha we needed that comic relief, thank you, also, are you on crack (and then we put our old girl down and cried for days).





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