Five Things This Vietnamese Businessman Might Do with Buford, Wyoming

Have you guys heard about the mysterious Vietnamese businessman who bought the town of Buford, Wyoming (population: 1) for $900,000? No one has a clue what the man wants to do with a town with a house, a gas station, trading post, and cafe, but we have some guesses!

Five: Build a t-shirt factory so that your shirts that are probably manufactured in Vietnam are now made in the U.S.

Four: Transform the cafe into a pho noodle restaurant called the “Pho King” so when travelers pass through town, they can try Vietnamese food for the first time, and say “I love that Pho King Restaurant!”

Three: Populate the town with Vietnamese Amerasians—the half Asian, half American children of U.S. servicemen who fathered children with Vietnamese women during the Vietnam War, and then abandoned them after the war ended.

Two: Transform itself into Wyoming’s “Little Saigon,” complete with karaoke shops, street food vendors, and coffee shops where people really go to drink and smoke.

One: Banh mi sandwiches. Lots and lots of delicious banh mi sandwiches.



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