Happy Tax Day

If you’re like me, you did your taxes a while back so you could get it over with, so today shouldn’t be so stressful for you. I actually heard the guy who lives on the top floor of my building screaming to his lover or roommate about throwing away his W-2, and I could feel the anxiety emanating from the walls. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your taxes.

Meanwhile, the Senate Republicans blocked a move to debate the Buffett Rule, a measure that would ensure that anyone earning more than $1 million a year would pay a tax rate of at least 30 percent (36 Senate Democrats, and 30 Senate Republicans reported an average net worth in excess of $1 million in 2010, according to a report by The Center for Responsive Politics). A CNN/ORC International survey showed 7 out of 10 people supporting the measure, including 53 percent of Republicans polled. I would also support the Buffett Rule, but then again, I like paying taxes.



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