Here’s What Happened This Week

• Jessica Adamiak taught us how to be militant minimalists

• We paid our taxes

• Arielle O’Shea learned to love her rewards credit cards

• Mike Dang told you what it means to save

• Jeff Winkler interviewed a part-time drug dealer

• Lindsay Katai told us that being a hot mess isn’t cute

• Nell McShane Wulfhart told us how to move abroad and make money

• Rebecca Pederson taught us how to raise chickens in our backyards

• Carolyn Kylstra told us how much her cat has cost her in medical bills

• Logan Sachon went to Chinatown with a butcher to talk about meat

• Abby Dalton had a $4,000 wedding

• Ester and Adam saw ‘Titanic 3D’


Illustration by Charrow



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