‘Loaded’ Is a Loaded Word

For three years Mr. Hamacher had posted comments and photographs about their home renovation. The accumulation of comments made Ms. Luu uneasy, worried that their friends would think they were bragging. “I don’t want people thinking we have so much money, that we are loaded,” Ms. Luu said. “I don’t want to make people uncomfortable.”

The NYT Style Section explores what happens when couples Tweet and Facebook about each other, and the answer is … drama (duh). Most people are like, “Don’t make me look bad,” or “Don’t make me sound bad,” but the best bit comes from Ms. Luu, who is like, “Don’t brag about our money that we may or may not have.”

But Ms. Luu: Are you loaded? Are you a little bit loaded? Are you more worried about loaded people thinking you are loaded, or more worried about people who are not loaded thinking that you are loaded? Also: What’s the matter with being loaded? Just let us see your bank account balance.  Instagram it. Or Tumblr it. Put it on Path. Google Plus! JUST LET US SEE IT. We’ll settle this thing once and for all.



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