My Last Hundred Bucks: Chorizo, Beer, and Books

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. In this series,  we will explore the journey of our last hundred bucks. Take it away, Nozlee.

at happy hour at Beco in Williamsburg with my former coworker: a Bloody Maria, a beer, and a chorizo sandwich

$28.07 at Foodtown for supplies for a big Iranian-themed Sunday brunch the next day

$10.23 at the Sunac by my apartment for the stuff I forgot at Foodtown

$7 on a split taxi ride home with my boyfriend (I had this idea that we’d work stupidly late hours from his job’s office in Soho instead of trying to work at home and falling asleep)

$14 on two beers at Puffy’s in Tribeca with the staff of The Morning News

$11.99 on Lightning Rods from Emily Books (read it on my phone last week — it was meh!)

$16.33 on House of Holes from McNally Jackson with my book club (read it in a day after finishing Lightning Rods — so great!)


Nozlee Samadzadeh works at Food52 and The Morning News. She lives and cooks in Brooklyn. Photo Credit: Flickr/ifindkarma



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