My Last Hundred Bucks: Gas, Cigarettes, and Diet Coke

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. Where did your last hundred bucks go, Molly McAleer?

$8.17: 82 Market on Melrose. Bottle of pinot grigio (I drank and threw out the bottle, so no specifics are available.)

$4.45:  Starbucks on Larchmont. Venti iced old school Americano with 2% milk and a blueberry vanilla Kind Bar.

$46.16: 76 station on La Tijera. Full tank of gas, 20 oz. Diet Coke and a small package of beef jerkey.

$8.50: Smoke City on Melrose. Dunhill cigarettes in the light blue box, two packages of Gushers fruit snacks.

$7.23: M Café on Melrose. Half pint of peanut kale and a chocolate chip cookie.

$10.86: Bristol Farms on Sunset. Easter lilies for a hostess gift.

$2.95: Starbucks at Pavillons on Melrose. Grande iced coffee with room.

$7.82:  Exxon station somewhere in North Hollywood. Pack of Marlboro Lights and can of Diet Coke.


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Molly McAleer is a television writer and co-founder of You can follow her on Twitter here. Photo Credit: flickr/eflon



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