New Ways to Shop Online (Plus: The Best Way to Shop Online)

Hey, Ladieeezzzz (and dudes who wear ladies’ clothes, no judge). Technology has created some new ways for us to shop and save money! (Ha, just kidding, nothing about shopping saves you money.) So: Some new ways for us to shop and spend money. They both involve the Internet. And other people’s clothes.

For your bookmarking pleasure:

First there is the practically-free almost It was founded by a 20-year-old lady (well, done, 20-year-old lady) who was sick of having nothing to wear, so she created this online “infinite closet” in which you upload which dresses you own (like, cheap ones, from Forever 21) and people can buy them using buttons, the site’s currency. You pay to ship the dress out, your account gets credited in buttons, which you can use to buy more dresses. Dresses forever. Sounds fun! (I will never do this because it’s way too much work, but TechCrunch’s Alexia Tsotsis is addicted.)

The second site is called Threadflip. This one involves buying clothes will real money. It’s just like, an online version of a really good resale shop. Totally awesome. Totally dangerous. Also, the site is gorgeous, like a shopable Pinterest, basically, with really lovely photography. Just really well done. I mean: just browse through the shoes and tell me there aren’t at least three pairs you don’t want to purchase this instant!

Now: I don’t shop online because of my issues with the post office (as in, I will not go to it, and therefore don’t do anything that might require me to go to it—finally something that my laziness is good for). So these sites are actually really safe places for me. It’s fake shopping! Totally great. Recommend. Here’s how you do it: 1. Fill a cart. 2. Never checkout. 3.SAVE THOUSANDS EACH YEAR! (Or at least, thousands of trips to the post office to return things).

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