Our High Confidence in Our Economy is Not So High

According to a recent poll by the Gallup organization, Americans’ perceptions of how our economy is doing right now, and whether we think the economy is getting better, has been been at its most positive since Gallup started tracking our economic confidence four years ago. We’re gonna make it after all! Oh, but before we all start tossing our collective hats in the air, I should probably point out that this all-time high is still negative 20 points on the confidence index, meaning we still think the economy might actually destroy all of our hopes and dreams, but less so than during our darkest times throughout the recession.

But I’m not one to shake people off the rope when they’re slowly climbing out of this economic pit. I like to keep it a bit more upbeat! If it means anything, I’d be at least +5 points on this confidence index. I mean, I did quit my job to start this here website, and people quitting their jobs is an indication of an improving economy! It means that there more opportunities becoming available, and that’s a good sign. So! Keep holding on to those dreams, and call me if you need a pep talk.



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