Pizza Wars! When Will It End?

“He was taking away our customers,” Mr. Kumar said. “How were we going to pay our rent?”

For his part, Eli Halali made it clear that 75 cents was a temporary price point. He said he could not make money at that level and eventually would return to $1. He said that if Bombay/6 Ave. Pizza went back to $1, he would as well.

If it didn’t, he said, it better watch out.

His father, Joshua Halali, who acts as a consultant to 2 Bros., said, “I suggested to my children to go to 50 cents.”

Oren Halali said, “We might go to free pizza soon.”

Eli said: “We have enough power to wait them out. They’re not going to make a fool of us.”

The New York Times sure likes reporting about the price for a slice of pizza! The Gray Lady dedicated 1,200 words to $1 pizza slices in 2010, and now they’re reporting about a pizza war happening in midtown Manhattan where owners are slashing prices on their pies ($6 for an entire pizza!) in an attempt to put their next door rivals out of business. Of course, nothing beats the investigation the Times did in 1987 to figure out which of the numerous pizza parlors in New York using the name “Ray’s” was the first to open its doors (spoiler alert: it was the one on 27 Prince Street). We all know how that ended: They warred for years until the first Ray’s establishment was forced out of Soho. Now, each of the Pizza Districts sends one child each year to battle it out to the death in the Pizza Arena. When will the pizza wars end?



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