These Chairs Might Kill Me, But I’m Keeping Them

I decided to throw a little holiday get-together in my studio apartment last year, and ended up buying a couple of these folding chairs so that my guests could sit somewhere other than the floor or my bed. I got the red ones, and love them because they actually look decent and store easily.

But I got a letter yesterday telling me to “please stop using [my] folding chairs immediately.” Apparently, you will sit on this chair sometimes, and then it’ll collapse making you fall in what I’d imagine would be in a really hilarious way.

I’m keeping these chairs, because my last name is Danger (sorry, that was bad, I know). No, but really, do they really expect me to haul these chairs back to the store so I can get my $60 back? You know how difficult it is to haul things around in New York? I took a $20 cab ride to get these chairs home last year, and I am the sort of person who never takes cabs, because why take cabs when the subway is right there and so much cheaper? If this was a stroller, and I got a letter telling me to stop using it because it would kill my baby (I don’t have a baby), then yes, I would stroll that stroller back to the store. But I’m keeping these chairs. Also, yes, there is a visible discount code there. I am not using it, so you have dibs if you want.



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