Things Work Out (As They Do)

I divulged yesterday (and everyday of my life) that I’m an idiot with my own money, mostly, a truth manifesting itself this week by my having spent a chunk of my rent money on bodega coffee, ice cream, and tips. Just wanted to update any and all concerned parties that this morning I asked a friend (who I’ve known for … maybe a month?) to lend me $100, so I’m good. I’m gold. (He is also of the school of being dumb with money, but I knew he just got paid. Also, is this how junkies do it?)

He was like, “You’re good for it, right?” (“Right”), then hit the ATM, where he requested a withdrawal of $100 and was given $120. See? Everything works out for everyone, always. Sometimes it pays (your friends) to be irresponsible. And I get to carry on doing what I do without consequences for another day.

PS I am usually the most honest of honests, but I am also 100 percent in favor of it being totally cool for my friend to pocket that twenty. Mike Dang, counterpoint?



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