Tuition, Books, And Trips to Jamaica

I donated again in the summer when I was 22 before my last semester of college. This time I got one of the side effects, which sucked (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) but even that was a mild case. They called again, [and] I said no, just because I was kinda done. I made enough to cover two semesters and books (and a trip to Jamaica), and now I would be graduating and working and being able to make my own money.


Oh look! It’s another tale of two-time egg donation, this time from Billfold Commenter BuffyBot! She writes that she doesn’t regret donating, but at the same time makes the whole process sound even more terrible than I had previously thought (including: separate waiting rooms, unannounced transvaginal ultrasounds, accusations of baby selling, and OVARIAN HYPERSTIMULATION SYNDROME).



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