12 Things Klout Says I’m More Influential About Than Money

Do you have Klout? I have a Klout account. I know, I know, I know, but five years ago, I worked at a startup with a guy named Joe Fernandez. He was our chief technology officer—a really nice guy—and after he left, he started a company called Klout and encouraged me to check it out. As it were, I should have very little Klout because the site measures your social media influence, and I rarely use Facebook, and tweet something maybe just once or twice a day.

What I do like about Klout is that sometimes they offer me “perks” for no reason other than they thought I was influential for a second. I was once sent a $25 Macy’s gift card because I was considered influential about shopping during the holidays.

One thing I don’t get about Klout is how they decide what topics you’re influential about. If my Klout is based on social media, you’d think that writing about money every day, and telling all my friends on Facebook and Twitter to read The Billfold a million times would make money the topic I’m most influential about at the moment. It is not—it’s number 13 on the list. Apparently, I’m more influential about 12 other topics. Here are those topics:

12. Comics
11. Moms
10. Camera
9. Community
8. Taxes
7. Ducks
6. Advertising
5. Movies
4. Tony Awards
3. Dance
2. Ben Folds
1. Doritos

[Update: Thanks for making me influential about money, you guys!]



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