A New Canadian Fifty-Dollar Bill Leaves the Bank for a Brief Period of Time

As of March, there are new fifty-dollar bills here in Canada. I discovered this when I was handed money to go buy printer ink for work because I neither have a reason to use large bank notes, or especially keep up with the latest gossip on them. The new fifties are made of a plastic polymer so they’re un-rip-able—literally slick. They come with lots of new security features—if you’re going to start printing your own Canadian money, do it now before the old easier-to-copy ones are completely weeded out of circulation. Those things, however, aren’t its coolest feature, which is: the intersection of plastic bill + security features = giant see through clear space, right in the middle. May I present: the afternoon-joy-ride of having a fifty dollar bill to hang out with (as experienced entirely from my desk):

Canadian fifty-dollar bill has a cup of coffee. 

Canadian fifty-dollar bill studies differential equations.

Canadian fifty-dollar bill examines sad, opaque pieces of money on their way to meet their fate in the laundry machine coin slot.

Canadian fifty dollar bill stalks people on Facebook (fifty-dollar bill—just like us!).

Canadian fifty-dollar bill, meet your evil cousin.

Canadian hundred-dollar bills have had this design for a while, and smaller denominations are going to be rolled out in 2013. Exciting!


Shannon Palus just might never move back to America.



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