Cheap Eats: Black Bean Tacos

Here at The Billfold, we love cheap and easy recipes, and a few of you have been emailing me your favorites (please continue to do so!). I would also like to share this website, Economy Bites, which has a ton of great cheap recipes, but sadly stopped updating last year. They’ve kindly kept their archives open.

Okay! Without further ado: Here’s a cheap and easy recipe from reader Christine Nelson:

I have no recollection of where this came from; I think I was making black bean tacos and noticed that I was putting in way more time than was totally necessary. So, here goes.


• One can of black beans
• One jar of pre-made salsa or pico de gallo
• Taco shells and whatever toppings you fancy

Drain and rinse the black beans. Toss them in a large pan with half the jar of salsa. Simmer—maybe 10-15 minutes—until the beans are in whatever stated of cooked-ness that you prefer them. Dump it in a taco shell, top it with cheese or guacamole or that leftover hummus that’s been languishing in your fridge, and done!


Photo: Flickr/thehungrydudes



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