Coates Check, With Tyler Coates

1. Gap denim Jacket, $50

I bought this jacket from the Gap during my junior year of college, so it would have been Fall 2003. It’s still my “college jacket” because of the buttons—one was for WXJM, the student-run radio station where I had a show with my friend Nicole (and a solo show called “Put On Your Coates” on Thursday mornings between 2 and 5 a.m.); another was from a student shop at Savannah College of Arts and Design (I went to Savannah and Charleston for Spring Break that year, as I was a really cool Southern lady). I also had a Cat Power button but it fell off, and I replaced it with an Eternal Summers pin, a recent band that a college friend is in. Also, I was so proud of that jacket that my first screenname was “denimjacket” (I’m less proud of the name than I was of the jacket). 


2. London Fog khaki jacket, $5

I probably bought this from Goodwill or Gift & Thrift sometime during my senior year. I saw Quadrophenia sometime in the year after graduation, and decided, suddenly, that I wanted to be “mod,” so I decided that this was the moddest piece of clothing I had. I put a pin of the Royal Air Force logo and a silhouette of some mod-looking girl on it. I don’t think I ever looked really mod. (Also, can’t wait for the next post, COATES BUTTONS, in which I realize how much money I’ve wasted on that shit.




3. H&M black jacket, $40

I think I kept a hold of this because it was the first jacket I bought in Chicago. I’ve had it for at least six years now and wear it all the fucking time.








4. North Face winter coat, $200

In the winter of 2008, I finally had a really good job that paid me (hang on to your hats) $38,000 a year. That was so much money. And it was really cold that year, so I broke down and bought a real winter coat. I purposefully picked the one that looks the least like a North Face jacket.







5. Obey Propaganda windbreaker, $105

I had nine mimosas at brunch and decided to go shopping at Untitled in Chicago’s Wicker Park because everything is hilariously expensive and stupid looking. Then I saw this coat and was tipsy enough to spend the money on it. It looks really good, which is why I got over the buyer’s remorse. It also helped that I’d make my friends agree that I “looked like a hundred bucks.” (About three months later I figured out that this is from Shepard Fairy’s label, which I concede is lame as hell.)




6. Gap wool blazer, $85

This was a birthday present from my mom, and it doesn’t really count as a coat. But, when I first moved to New York in the fall of 2010, I wore this (and a hoodie) as my winter coat through Christmas. Once I went on a date and the guy complimented it, and then asked, “Is it warm?” I replied, “No!”







7. Uniqlo jacket, $70

This is my new favorite jacket; I bought it about a month and a half ago. It’s not real leather, OBVIOUSLY (although not because I’m against wearing leather). I like it because, as you can see from the picture, the arms are ridiculously long, and I’m pretty sure that it’s the only jacket I own in which the sleeves extend to my wrists. So seventy bucks for comfortably covered arms? It’s a deal, my friends.






Tyler Coates is an editor at BlackBook magazine. He lives in Brooklyn, if you couldn’t tell from his jackets.



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