College Grads Have Job Expectations

ā€¢ Recent grads expect a lot from a job yet a majority (58 percent) think their expectations are either low or just right.
ā€¢ Generation ā€œIā€ wants what they want and they may not be willing to settle for less. When given a list of 15 job search-related factors (e.g., good company culture, prestige in the industry, benefits, etc.), more than half of recent grads said they expect to receive a majority of them once hired. Good health benefits (74 percent), job security (73 percent) and opportunities for growth and development (68 percent) top the list of expectations.

Self-described “workforce solutions” company Adecco surveyed a bunch of 22 to 26-year-olds graduating with four-year degrees this year about their job expectations. Job security and health benefits aren’t crazy things to want (but it might be hard to find a job that offers those things plus, good company culture, prestige, etc.). Also, 30 percent of the grads surveyed say their parents are involved in their job search, which I personally think would make job hunting a nightmare.



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