Eduardo’s Choice

EITHER pay the U.S. government taxes on the $3 billion he’ll have after Facebook’s IPO on Friday and continue to be allowed in the U.S. … OR pocket that money (which is tens-to-hundreds of millions of dollars), renounce his citizenship, move to Singapore, and be barred from the U.S. forever.

(Eduardo Saverin went with option two, which, okay. Hundreds of millions in taxes is a lot, yes. But you know what else is a lot? THREE BILLION DOLLARS. I personally like to retain flexibility, so I’d pay the taxes just to keep my options open. What if in twenty years I got sick of having posh apartments in every beautiful place ever and decided I really just wanted to settle down in a little house in Virginia? Exactly. Options. Mike Dang would obviously pay the taxes because of Ethics and Morals and Obligations. WWYD?)



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