Future Not Here Yet, But It’s Coming

If you would like to know everything there is to possibly know about mobile payments, this infographic from SapientNitro has you covered. There is so, so much information in here, but I’ve skimmed it all, and here’s what you need to know, in case you didn’t already know: Pretty soon we are all going to be paying for everything with our phones. Duh? Duh.

In related news: At this point, only one-third of adult American mobile device users have used their phones to buy something, either with mobile payments or with an app or through a browser. This seems really low to me, but I also pretty much only know people sleep with their iPhones cuddled next to them at night, so my personal experience might be skewed. The last thing I bought with my phone was a bus ticket (with the BoltBus app). The last thing Mike Dang bought was a cup of coffee (with the Starbucks app). The last thing Matt Powers bought was nothing (he is an outlier; he has a flip phone … FOR NOW).

The world changes and we change with it. Duh. (Duh.)



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