Here Are the Best Restaurants

The people at Restaurant magazine have updated their list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and I have been to exactly none of them. But I would love to go to some of them! Five of the restaurants on the list are here in New York: Per Se (No. 6), Eleven Madison Park (No. 10), Le Bernadin (No. 19), Daniel (No. 25), and Momofuku Ssam Bar (No. 37).

The prix fixe for dinner at Le Bernadin is $125 per person, not including wine pairings, which isn’t so bad for a world class restaurant. The prix fixe for a meal at Per Se is $295 per person, which is totally out of my price range at the moment. But even if I wanted to eat at any of these places, I’d still have one more barrier to cross: Getting a reservation, which can be nearly impossible if you’re not rich and can pay a concierge service to get you a table, or if you’re a celebrity and can name drop. Maybe I’ll try writing a nice letter.



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