Hold on to Your Twitter Accounts, Kids

Sarah Phillips wrote a column for a sports betting site called Covers and then got a gig writing for ESPN. She said she was a college student, but some people didn’t think she was who she said she was, mostly because: 1. where did she come from? and 2. her various pictures didn’t appear to be the same person. Conspiracy? Scam? WHAT IS GOING ON? Deadspin did some investigative reporting into this mystery and found a big mess and several people who she scammed out of money and social media accounts (which: these have value now, FYI). A short list of her known crimes:

1. Didn’t pay the agreed $500 for Eric Nilsen’s Twitter account.
2. Took $4,100 in payments from “Matt” for ads that never ran.
3. Stole a college-kid’s Facebook page.
4. Told at least two people they could make $1,000 per post blogging for her new site (LOL).

Photo: flickr/charlesdyer



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