Making Small Places Livable

I live in a tiny studio apartment that I love, and have made my own. It’s basically living in one room, but whenever someone comes over to visit for the first time, I always give a grand tour: “Here is my dressing area,” I say. “And this is the kitchen and dining area. My office space is in this corner, and my sleeping quarters is right across from that. Here’s my non-working fireplace! I like to sit in front of it and pretend sometimes.” Etc. I won’t bore you (but perhaps I will take photos and give you a tour of my private dwelling one of these days).

My photos certainly won’t be as good as the people who entered Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Contest this year. The contest, if you haven’t yet guessed, is for people to show off their well-decorated small apartments, and to win the title of the “smallest, coolest home.” This year’s winner was a guy from Brooklyn named Daniel. His apartment is way nicer than mine!



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