My Brain Made Me Do This Thing

We all have brains. This is how my brain worked one time. How does your brain work? 

This morning I woke up and decided it was a good day to work in a coffee shop. So I got dressed and left my house and walked to the coffee shop closest to my house. I walked in. There was Korean pop music playing. I walked out.

I walked to next closest coffeeshop. It was very crowded. And the one plug was just out of reach of the the only seat available. Success here involved a confluence of events that I just wasn’t sure was going to work out. It felt stressful. I walked out. 

I walked ten minutes to next closest coffeeshop. Good light. Good looking people. Door open to breezes. Chair right by a plug. Yes, yes, yes. There was a line, so I took a seat before ordering. I attempted to plug my cord into the wall. It fell out. I tried again. It fell out. I sneak-swapped sockets with the neighbor’s plug. It fell out. I looked around. There was another plug at the other end of the table, and also a seat. The universe loves me sometimes. I got up and tried the other plug. It fell out. I tried it again. It fell out.


I went back to original chair and sat. I’d come too far for this not to work out! I considered asking the boy next to me if we could share his plug, but decided against it. It’s the kind of thing I would totally be okay with, but I know other people are not okay with things like this. (One time: A friend dropped me off at the airport and as soon as she drove away, I knew I’d left my phone in the car. So I rushed inside and got online and THE ONLY PERSON ONLINE was this guy I’d worked with for a second who I didn’t know very well, but he was MY ONLY HOPE. I IM’d him: “So I know this is weird, but can you call this number and tell the girl who picks up that my phone is in her car?” And he said: “Actually, no I can’t do that because that makes me uncomfortable, and the next time you’re in a spot, ask someone else.”)

I didn’t ask the boy if we could share a plug.

INSTEAD: I asked him if he would watch my computer for a second. (He said yes.) Then I got up and walked four blocks to the 99 cent store (well: two blocks to the hardware store, where I was directed one block to a computer store, where I was directed one block to the 99 cent store). In the 99 cent store, I bought a powerstrip ($2.99) to render the wonky plug usable. I was pleasantly surprised at the price. I had been prepared to spend … whatever it cost. It was thinking $7.) But I got lucky! $2.99. A STEAL.

And that is how I ended up buying a powerstrip before my first cup of coffee of the day. Cheers.



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