On a Jet Plane

I’m at the airport getting ready to board a plane to California, which means I’ll be out of the office today, and Logan is in charge. She promised me that she won’t be throwing a kegger while I’m away, but you know what, it’s Friday—go ahead and have one!

Here is my “going to the airport and flying across the country” spending:

• $7.50: Cost of getting to the airport ($2.50 for the subway ride, and $5 for the AirTran to JFK)

• $2.40: Cup of coffee from illy Coffee

• $12 for a sandwich and a snack on the plane

It’s a short list! I have the new issue of Wired, which I got in the mail yesterday, and I’m planning on finishing Cheryl Strayed’s memoir. Maybe I’ll ask the person sitting next to me to be my friend—who knows? I’ll “see” you guys on Monday (in a new time zone)!

Photo: Flickr/Andres Rueda



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