One More Thing About Booking Flights

As I’ve mentioned before, I am pretty good with my money, but have yet to mastered booking cheap airline tickets, and I usually end up paying more than I have to because I don’t know when the right time to book airline tickets is. I’ve heard so many different tips from travelers:

• Buy your tickets early in the week because that’s when the sales occur.

• Buy your tickets on Sunday after midnight because that’s when airlines reset their prices and you can find a good deal. I forgot where I heard that, but I can’t do that because midnight is past my bedtime (I am an old, okay?).

• Buy your tickets at least six to eight weeks in advance to avoid fare hikes for last minute travelers.

• Or you can try gambling a little and try to score a last minute deal.

So, I have a wedding to attend in Los Angeles in 17 days, and I didn’t book my ticket until—literally—20 minutes ago. It was stressful. I should have started looking at plane tickets at least a month ago, but I was too busy being stressed out with getting this here website up and running, and by the time I started looking at tickets, they seemed too expensive—$350 or more for a one-way ticket. I am not the sort of person to try my hand with that last tip—booking a flight at the last minute and hoping to score a deal—but that’s what happened just now. Squished between $400 fares, was a fare for $266. I booked it. I’m relieved, but I’m not waiting until the last minute again. It’s too stressful, you guys. Anyone have their own tips on the right time to book a flight?



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