Opportunity Cost: Season 2 of ‘The Voice’

Time is money, so they say. How much is the time I spent watching The Voice worth?

Hours lost: 28.75*

How much I could have made working minimum wage ($8.25/hour in Illinois) for the same amount of time: $237.19

What I could have bought with that money:

• 128 tacos at my favorite taqueria.
• 3 roundtrip Megabus tickets to visit my parents (Sorry Mom and Dad! I promise I’ll come home soon).
• All new bedding (2 sheet sets, comforter and duvet cover), which I desperately need. I’m still using my extra-long twin sheets from college on a regular twin bed and, frankly, they bunch.
• Haunted demon power ring


* I watched every episode on Hulu with minimal commercials (so 1.5 hours for normal shows, 45 minutes for results), except the two-part finale, which I watched for the full two hours on TV.

Julie Beck is rooting for Tony Lucca.



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