Real Thing That Just Happened

Middle-aged dude dressed in business clothes walks through the door of a coffee shop and immediately approaches our heroine (me), the only patron, sitting at a table, typing on her laptop.

Dude: What do you know about the Internet? [English is not his first language, but he makes his point, sort of]
Me: Excuse me?
Dude: I have that car out there [points to a black SUV]. I want to have a website.
Me: Okay.
Dude: So I saw that you are on the computer, and thought you might know about that.
Me: About how to get a website?
Dude: Yeah, I know there are a lot of white people in this neighborhood that know about websites.
Me: Ha! [And then, to myself: Oh, that wasn’t a joke.] Well I know about the Internet, yeah, but I’m not sure what you’re asking me.
Dude: How much?
Me: Hmm?
Dude: How much does a website cost?
Me: Oh, it depends!
Dude: Okay, I’m going to go. I’m very sorry to bother you. Bye.

Dude exits. Gets in his car, and drives away.

Does anyone have any idea what this is? Was he hitting on me? Was he a spy from the IRS? But I guess what I’m really wondering is: Did I just miss a chance to sell this guy a Blogger account for $1,000?



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