Safety Deposit Boxes Are for Losers

It was a small safe, good for holding a few valuables or gold coins, ingeniously built into the base of a bed — a modern-day answer to the idea of stashing your savings under a mattress. A duly impressed Felipe plans on using it to store his wife’s jewelry and some extra cash: After all, he asks, what thief would look for such valuables in the frame of the bed itself?

—Well, for starters, me, right after I break into Felipe’s house and right before I take his wife’s jewelry and extra cash. Rich people are keeping their valuables at home now, by the way, IT’S A TREND. So just because Felipe is my mark doesn’t mean you can’t find one of your own. But once you’re in the house, don’t be looking for any janky safe—keep an eye out for elegance:

“When somebody is building a $100,000 custom closet, they don’t want a safe that looks like it belongs in the back of a delicatessen,” says Robert Tompkin, president of Prestige Safe, a high-end New York manufacturer.”



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