Spend More Money with Your Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Tyler Coates and Mikala Bierma have three hot tips for living a gluten-free lifestyle (they are great, and you will laugh).

But just because they’re having the time of their lives, please know that life without gluten is not all fun and games. Billfold BFF and anti-glutite Matt Powers explains: “When you’re gluten-free you pay way more for things that taste way worse.” LIKE WHAT? “I don’t even know how much a six-pack of Budweiser costs [LS: like, $6-ish], but the gluten-free equivalent is 11 bucks.” AND YOU DRINK THAT? “Everyday after work! You still get that nice alcohol tang, the crisp freshness, but it tastes like terrible college beer. Young college beer.” WHAT ABOUT PIZZA? “If you can find a place that does slices, it’s like $4. Otherwise you’re paying $17 for a little personal pan pizza.” IS IT DELICIOUS? “The best slice of gluten-free pizza I’ve ever had, I took one bite and I thought it was so incredible, and then the person who was with me, who could eat gluten, took a bite and said it was terrible.”



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