The Case of the Mystery Haircare Products

Something is afoot in New Zealand! Four people (at least!) in two weeks received packages from Paris containing HAIRCARE PRODUCTS and CASH. Three people received HAIR DRYERS, and an additional person received a package with HAIR CUTTING SHEERS. Two of the gifts came with identical notes: “Thank you for being a true friend.” The Guardian breathlessly brings us up to date on this truly baffling case.

Theories posited by authorities:

“Maybe they have come from someone who won the lottery over there. Or it could be that it’s a nice prank.”

Also suggested:

In a press conference in Greymouth, police suggested the apparently random acts of long-distance kindness could in fact have been a dry run for a money-laundering or drug-trafficking operation.

Sounds serious! However:

Experts had failed to find any concealed drugs in the parcels.

Well then. At least we can be thankful for this:

It was unlikely to be an elaborate marketing stunt, [Senior Sergeant Allyson Ealam said New Zealand customs and Interpol] said.

INTERPOL IS ON IT. (Also it’s totally going to turn out to be a marketing stunt.) (Either that or an art project.)



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