The Internet is for … You Know

He recalled vividly how, as a 14-year-old boy, he was desperate for a glimpse of Playboy magazine. “It is the height of foolishness to assume my son is not like that,” he said.

The pornography talk he had not long ago with his 12-year-old son was prompted by an iTunes receipt for an app showing 1,001 pictures of breasts.

Rather than lashing out or calling attention to the purchase, he sat his son down, asked if he and his friends were interested in that kind of content and then explained that he had just set up a blocking filter, OpenDNS, on their home network to keep out the worst kinds of content.

When I got to the part in this article about how parents react when they discover their children are looking at porn, I thought the father was going to lash out at his son for paying for an app to look at 1,001 photos of breasts. I’m pretty sure there are more than 1,001 free breasts this kid could look up on the Internet (correct me if I’m wrong). You don’t have to pay for porn, kids.



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