The Perks and Terrors of Driving a KYMCO 50 Agility Scooter

My partner and I recently acquired a KYMCO 50 Agility Scooter for $1,700 after tax, on a loan. Upon experience with this machine, I have compiled the following benefits and concerns to keep in mind when debating the purchase of this mode of transportation.  


  1. Goes 100 miles to the gallon.
  2. Doesn’t require a motorcycle license.
  3. Comfortable seating.
  4. Only $125 a month.


  1. Can kill you.
  2. No, really, you can die on this thing.
  3. I’m not kidding; you could brake too hard and hit a tree, street light, stop sign.
  4. People can ram into you.
  5. Everything that you are as a person can, in one hideous blink, be scattered across ten square yards of asphalt.



  1. Goes 100 miles a gallon!


John Fram is a freelance writer whose public records show him living in Texas. He has a dog and a guy that lives with him. He tweets here, and you can contact him herePhoto: flickr/*CQ*



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