Things to Do That I Haven’t Done

We all have things to do. What do you need to do?

1. Taxes
2. Pay back all manner of people and companies for all manner of things.
3. Inquire to make sure my insurance is still valid if I’m living in New York.
4. Make sure there is nothing important in the pile of papers in the corner of my room.
5. Mail that letter.
6. Backup my computer.
7. Earn some more dollars to facilitate the accomplishment of (2.)
8. Go to my new bank that I signed up for online and show them my passport to prove I’m a human that exists because apparently I’ve “moved too much” for them to verify who I am. I only have 30 days to do this but I think the 30 days started … almost 30 days ago and the bank closes in 30 minutes and I’m going to GO RIGHT NOW have a great night/life/smooches/love you/bye.



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