Things to Do with Dogs When They’re Dead

It is through donations that Summum is able to provide this spiritual service. The cost of mummifying an animal can run anywhere from $6,000 to over $128,000 depending on the size of the animal and the type of mummiform you choose.

Understand that Mummification of Transference is a highly comprehensive process requiring four to eight months to complete. It requires great attention to detail and involves very meticulous work. Because of the lasting protection bronze provides, our standard practice is to use bronze for the Mummiform.

Summum reserves the right to refuse Mummification of Transference services under certain conditions.

This company will mummify your pet for a small sum (I use the word “small” as a joke, because it is actually a very large sum). Okay, a few things. Most importantly, WHAT CONDITIONS? Also, this is … insane. When our dog died, there were several options for what to do with her body, and all but the most unceremonious one cost extra money. But it wasn’t the money that made us go with the free option—it was the absolute certainty that our old girl didn’t give a lick about whether we had a shrine to her or not. (Hopefully whoever has to deal with my corpse will be equally laissez faire about the whole thing. Cemeteries gross me out. But a mummified dog would gross me out even more. And make me sad.) via Neatorama



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