We All Buy Poison, All the Time

“When we’re eating organic, we’re avoiding very small amounts of pesticides,” said Arlene Blum, a California chemist who has fought to limit flame retardants in household products. “Then we sit on our couch that can contain a pound of chemicals that’s from the same family as banned pesticides like DDT.”

—Patricia Callahan and Steve Roe at The Chicago Tribune have done some exceptional muckraking on the flame retardent industry chemical industry and how it is the WORST. Part one of their four-part series will MAKE YOUR BLOOD BOIL. Basically: We are being poisoned in our homes every single day by everything we buy, because this industry is full of LYING LIARS. Oh, and also: The killer chemicals don’t even do what they say they do. This whole mess is a great argument for only buying natural and organic EVERYTHING, or a reminder that everything is killing us and nothing matters.



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