What Do Your Groceries Say About You?

Did you know that the groceries you buy are a window into your soul? (They are a window into your soul.) Here’s what today’s haul says about me. What do your groceries say about you?

1. That I am not fooled or swayed by name brands, especially when it comes to toasted oat cereals, pancake mix, and chocolate chips.

2.That the bananas were a token purchase to assure myself that I’m healthy, but I’m not.  They’re too green to eat today, and by tomorrow I’ll deem them too brown, and they will end up in the trash.

3. That I want my pasta to add a little fun to my life. Zany!

4. That I cannot be bothered to cut up a tomato and cook it with olive oil for five minutes.

5. That I’m carb loading (I’m not carb loading). 

6. That the only pancake mix that will do is the one that only requires water.

7. That pancakes are bullshit without chocolate chips.

8. That going to the grocery store without a list is a terrible idea.

9. That I’m going to eat exclusively boring things for the next few days.

10. That I am in dire need of something green and leafy.

11. That what I really want are some french fries.



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