What Your Friends on Facebook Think of Your Clothes

Did you ever have the sort of friend who would drag you to go shopping with him or her so that you could approve his or her outfit choices? When I lived in California, I had a certain friend who was this way, and I spent a seemingly endless amount of time in dressing rooms giving her thumbs up and downs signs.

A clothing store in Brazil has decided to put photos of their apparel on Facebook, and any time a Facebook user “likes” a certain photo, the number of likes is tallied up on hangers in the store in real time. Technology, the future, etc.!

A few things: It’s really cool that you can see what the masses think is fashionable, but I have not been swayed to buy something because the masses have liked it (see: music “likes” on iTunes). Also, there have been plenty of occasions where something looked good in a photo online, but didn’t turn out to be what you expected when seen in real life. Finally, Facebook really is taking over the world, isn’t it? [via]



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