Where to Park Your Food Truck

Food trucks! Did you know they were a thing? And that there a lot of them? And that some people like them and some people don’t like them? And that in some cities they hang out on the street, but it other cities they have pods? Are you sick of hearing about food trucks?

Me, too. BUT: This Planet Money episode in which Robert Smith hangs out with a food truck dude all day is legit interesting.
Discussed: The logistics about how to pick a spot; the inanity of government regulation (“The city of New York gives out 3000 year round permits for food trucks, but it has such a mess of laws that, to use that permit, on a truck, functionally means that wherever you go, yo are breaking the law”); who wins in the battle of the food truck versus the food cart; and what one guy who has had a halal cart for 16 years really thinks about his new neighbors. Superb.



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