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Has any food magazine published a full-length experimental play before? No? Why not? It seems crazy not to do it at least once, is our thinking, and this week is your last chance to see if we’re right.

—I don’t cook, I don’t eat at fancy restaurants, and the only famous food person I can name is Anthony Bourdain (don’t need anyone else <3), but damn if whoever writes the McSweeney’s newsletter didn’t just get me to go through half the steps of signing up for a subscription for Lucky Peach before canceling  my order! (No money.)

If you have some money, specifically $28,  you should subscribe to this thing. It feels good to the touch and it has pretty pictures and well-written words. You can also buy in bookstores (or the comic book strore by my house) for the cover price of $10, but then: no full-length experimental play. That’s for subscribers ONLY. (This post ended up sounding like an ad for Lucky Peach, but really it’s an ad for how good McSweeney’s newsletter writer is.)



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