Lemonade Weather

The weather was amazing in New York this weekend, and I wanted to be outside with everyone else to enjoy the limited period of time when everything is nice, and we’re not hunting for an air-conditioned place to hang out because it’s too darn hot outside.

The great weather also makes me want to spend money. Iced tea from the corner cafe? Okay! An ice cream cone from Mister Softee? Count me in! Sure, I’ll bring half a dozen cream puffs to the picnic ($11). And, yes, I’ll pick up some slices of pie from Momofuku Milk Bar for our night in to catch up on Mad Men ($18). I may not have gone shopping, but I did end up hitting my wallet hard for all these little things—death by a thousand treats.

Perhaps my favorite treat I picked up this weekend was a cup of lemonade from a stand some kids had set up outside of their high-rise luxury building near the park.

“How’s business today?” I asked.

“Oh, so good,” the kid said.

“What are you going to do with the money from your sales?”

“Um. I’m saving to buy college.”

Yes, kid. You save up your money to buy all of the colleges.




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