Making Movies Not Always the Most Fun

At this point, the movie, with a price tag now said to be north of $170 million, needs as many as five weeks of complex reshoots, which are not expected to get underway until at least September. Paramount has taken the unusual step of hiring Prometheus scriptwriter Damon Lindelhof to rework the film’s third act. The studio announced in March that it was moving the film to June 2013 from December.

The Hollywood Reporter’s chronicle of production gaffes in Brad Pitt’s World War Z is a good reminder that throwing money at a problem doesn’t always fix it!

Basically: All things that could go wrong have gone wrong! But luckily, says one source, “It’s a great first 45 minutes, maybe even an hour.” I’d pay $5 to see one good hour of a really bad movie.  What would YOU pay (WWYP) to see 45 minutes of Brad Pitt valiantly fighting off zombies? Ester and Adam? Help us out here.



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