People Taking Advantage of Other People

I stared at this subway ad for my whole commute today and it made me really, really sad. Especially since for each ad like this (there is a series of them! One man spent $25,000 on a meaningless degree and not one of his credits is transferrable!), there are approximately 38409823 ads for for-profit schools and vocational programs promising new lives and new beginnings. Are some of them okay? Sure. Are many of them not okay? Indeed. Here are ten tips from the city on what to check out before you give any institution one cent of your money. This is the tip that I think is most relevant, because the promise of a guaranteed nursing or welding job is really, really attractive when you’re on the train going to a job you hate (I am not experiencing this at the moment, but I have historically, for sure. Why yes, I DO want an EXCITING NEW CAREER in Criminal Justice.)

Avoid schools that “guarantee employment” after you graduate.
A school can’t guarantee that you’ll get a job when you graduate. Many
times, the schools that make these types of promises don’t actually place
you in a job.




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