The Bodega ‘Eggs on a Roll’

Both cities have great ethnic food. New Yorkers scoff at eating pizza in Los Angeles but repeatedly suggest Mexican food to their Angeleno visitors. The “eggs on a roll,” available for breakfast at any of a million New York bodegas, is not something I understand how Los Angeles lives without. New Yorkers only think they understand hamburgers, but New York is objectively better at sandwiches. Coffee snobbery exists to a higher degree in New York, which is kind of hard to believe, because Los Angeles sets that bar really high.

Pal Eric Spiegelman wrote a really great post comparing New York and Los Angeles, and as someone who has now spent a good number of years in both cities, I agree with everything he says! The one thing I have not taken advantage of in my six or so years as a New Yorker is the bodega “eggs on a roll,” and I’m wondering if I’m missing out on something really great. My father was the sort of person who firmly believed that you shouldn’t spend money on something you could easily make on your own, so I’ve learned to make my own egg sandwiches in the morning, which I can make under five minutes now. I’m either saving money, or missing out on a really great New York staple, so maybe I’ll get one tomorrow and decide.



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