Fiscal Considerations in Magic Mike

1. $13,000 doesn’t seem like that much money to have saved in five years for someone who has three jobs, one of which is being a magical male stripper.

2. Could the dance troupe really make that much more money in Miami to offset the cost-of-living (and cost-of-doing-business) increase?

3. What was the rent on Channing Tatum’s two-story beachfront house? Probably a lot, right? (Or maybe not.) 

4. Why didn’t Channing Tatum have a bank account? That’s crazy, right? First, bank account, then, small business loan. It’s the order of things.

5. Did he actually have a mobile car-detailing business, or just a truck that said he did?

6. Did anyone else think Olivia Munn was going to end up stealing all of his money? It’s basically all I thought about the whole movie.

7. “I’ll get you back man,” is a really weird way to thank someone for using their life savings to  pay off drug thugs who wanted to get you.

8. $15 seems a very reasonable price for a show of that caliber.



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