‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in Real Life

Is it true that July is the worst time to be a patient in a hospital?

You can find evidence on either side of the argument. (Here’s a yes, another yes; a no. A recent piece in The New York Times by nurse Theresa Brown generated a lot of pushback when she opined that new doctors make more mistakes.)

Apparently, July is the month when medical students finish school and begin their residencies in hospitals, and practice on real patients. The Atlantic is going to go behind-the-scenes of a year in the life of the development and training of young doctors (which is great, because we don’t have enough of them). It’ll be like the show Grey’s Anatomy, but real, and with less romantic drama (or maybe not, who knows!). Is Grey’s Anatomy even on anymore? I stopped watching after that doctor died. No, not that one. That one. You know the one.

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