Hacker Hostels

With rents soaring in San Francisco, how would a person on a limited budget move to the Bay Area tech hub to start building his or her own startup? One solution: hacker hostels. I’d describe it less like a hostel, and more like living in the college dorms again with bunk-beds filled with geeks. The rent is about $40 a night, with some hacker hostels offering bike rentals for $3 a day. And just like the dorms (or in office buildings), tenants are asked to write their name on their food if they’re storing it in the shared refrigerator. That’s always been a funny rule to me, because who would eat some stranger’s food just because it happened to be unmarked? But as we’ve all learned, there’s always that person—which results in an angry person running around screaming, “Who ate my food!?”



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