Having It Together Is Great, But Having It Together Is Also Lame

Do you like getting annoyed at strangers on the internet? We’ve already cross-posted the Most Hated Article on the internet today, but please let us now introduce you to the Second Most Hated Article. The gist: A 22-year-old woman with a desk job and a car and a retirement plan laments her stability and grieves for the life she could be living, broke and underemployed and struggling, but in a romantic way. Some people want to smack her for this. I don’t, because I know in a year or two she’s going to think of this essay and want to smack herself. She’ll probably be unemployed and crashing on her parents’ couch when she does it. This is not a sick wish for her, just a statement that situations change quickly and there’s plenty of time for us all to hit bottom, again and again and again.



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